Navigational Scatters

Navigational Scatter Championship 2018/19

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For those who are unsure of what is involved, all you need is a car, the correct O/S map, a romer, a pencil, a torch and a navigator.  The aim of the event is to plot all your given clues onto your O/S map and then get to as many clues as possible before your time is up.  The events are great fun and are good for  practicing your navigational skills and a great way to involve young members in the club.

All events are on Tuesday evenings, signing on at 8pm, event starts at 8:15pm and results will be final at approx 10pm.  Entry will be £10 per crew.

There will be 4 events this year:

Date                                             Organiser                 Venue                                    O/S map

Tuesday 6th November            Chris Powell            Herefordshire Raceway          148

Tuesday 11th December            Chris Powell            Herefordshire raceway          149

Tuesday 15th January                Chris Powell           The Tump, Wormelow            149

Tuesday 5th February              Underwood’s

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If you would like to help organise an event or want more information please contact Chris Powell

Text or ring: 07786 243524 or 01544318334 or Email:

As with all HMC events this open to members of HMC and members of invited clubs, HMC membership is available on the day for £15 for the year.