Herefordshire Motor Club AGM – 5.7.22



Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of Herefordshire Motor Club Limited will be held on TUESDAY 5TH JULY 2022

To commence at 8.15pm

at the Richmond Place Club, Edgar Street, Hereford, HR4 9JP.

Please note that in order to attend the meeting and vote on any proposal(s), you must be a fully paid-up Member of Herefordshire Motor Club Ltd

Dated:  04.05.22                                                                                          Registered Company No. 935843



Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting – 9th March 2021

Matters arising from the Minutes

Chairman’s Report

Treasurer’s Report including Proposal of Annual Audited Account

Election of Officers

Post                                        Presently in Office         Year to Run / Retiring

President                                 Robert Andrews            N/A

Vice President                           Graham Powell             N/A

Vice President                           Sue Underwood            N/A

Honorary Life Vice President        Len Evans                    N/A

Chairman                                 Mike Pugh                   Retiring

Vice Chairman                           – – –                            * Post vacant   

Secretary                                 – – –                            * Post vacant   

Assistant Secretary                    Sue Underwood            YTR

Treasurer                                 Martin Williams             Retiring

Social Secretary                        Caroline Wilks              Retiring

Membership Secretary                Al Pritchard                  YTR

Trophy Secretary                       Sue Underwood            Retiring

Press & PR                               Sam Davies                  YTR

Bull Manager                            Steve Farrington           YTR

Equipment Officers                    Chris Powell /               {

Graham Powell          { YTR

Marshal Co-Ordinator                 Sue Underwood            Retiring

Safeguarding Officers                 Caroline Wilks /            {

Karen Phelps             { YTR


Council Members                       James Leighton            {

Jim Lewis                    {   All

Darren Underwood        {   Retiring

Steve Wilks                  {

Council shall consist of not less than 10 nor no more than 20 which shall include Chairman, Vice-Chairman,

Assistant Secretary and Treasurer but exclude President, Vice Presidents and Honorary Life Vice Presidents

Any Other Annual General Meeting Business

(a)      Updating of Club Constitution/Club Rules; Social Media, Safeguarding and GDPR policies

in line with Motorsport UK provisos.


Your local Motor Club organising motor sport for all

Established May 1950


Please consider joining the Council and help steer the Club forward – we

meet once a month in Hereford on the last Tuesday of each month.

 Especially with the forthcoming Annual General Meeting, we

need your support please.  Kindly contact us ahead of the AGM

which is being held on the 5th July. 

           Please contact either Mike or Sue to discuss what is entailed if you are


                              Mike Pugh                   01432 350427

                              Sue Underwood         01568 709158 / 07790 046271


Jul 05 2022


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Richmond Club, Hereford