HMC run many events, details of new events will be published on this page:

Welsh Marches Mini Epynt Stages 

A sealed surface stage rally using the best roads on the famous Epynt Military Ranges.

Builth Showground Stages

A reincarnation of the popular 90’s single venue stage rally running on the Royal Welsh showground at Builth Wells.  This new event runs a tricky mixed surface on a compact route and has proved to be very popular.

Foxley Autotests

A round of the MSA and BTRDA autotest championship.  The best autotesters descend on the Foxley estate, Mansel lacy once a year to do battle at the most technical of all motporsport.

Club Events

HMC runs smaller events for club members including autotests, grass autotests, navigational scatters and  12 car rallies.

Link to HMC calender with latest events

Navigational Scatters

For those who are unsure of what is involved, all you need is a car, the correct O/S map, a romer, a pencil, a torch and a navigator.  The aim of the event is to plot all your given clues onto your O/S map and then get to as many clues as possible before your time is up.  The events are great fun and are good for  practicing your navigational skills and a great way to involve young members in the club.

12 Car Road Rally

A 12 car rally is similar to a navigational scatter but follows a defined route to the next time control. Codeboards along the route are used to ensure you have followed the correct path.  So unlike a scatter where you know the location of the clue points, these codeboards will sneak up on you.  The format is plot and bash so you plot your route as you go.  The event is run to a time schedule to minimise speeding.

These are for standard road cars – NO rally cars, NO spot lights, NO noisy exhausts.

Club Autotests

Autotests involve driving your car (road car or autotest car) on a timed short route, with penalties added for striking markers and not completing the test correctly. The driver who completes all the routes in the lowest time wins!  HMC run several sealed surface and grass production car autotests during the year, usually all forward direction.