Builth Showground Stages


2016 winners – John Perrott & Keaton Williams

The Builth Stages is the 2nd rally of the year run by HMC, normally early November.  In the nineties HMC ran a very popular event on the Builth Showground, this stopped running in 2004 and soon became the popular Welsh Marches Mini Epynt.  Showground rallying was back on the Agenda in 2010 at Malvern Showground but this event only lasted for a year due to noise issues.  After many years of negotiation HMC were back at their spiritual home for a slightly reworked Builth Stages rally.

Builth Stages is a unique event with mixed surfaces, night stages and normally very tricky conditions, this means that driver skill often outperfoms the car, several smaller engine cars have stood on the podium at this event.

Link to Builth Stages – 9th November 2019


2015 winners – Dan Evans/Steve Hodges-Small


Previous Winners:

At 3 Counties Showground, Malvern

2010 Roger Chilman Jnr / Andrew Sankey – Subaru Impreza – (RESULTS)

At Royal Wesh Showground, Builth Wells

2013 Damian Cole / Rebecca Cole – Ford Escort Mk2 – (RESULTS)

2014 Damian Cole / Susan Wright – Ford Escort Mk2 – (RESULTS)

2015 Dan Evans / Steve Hodges-Small – Vauxhall Nova – (RESULTS)

2016 John Perrott / Keaton Williams – Ford Escort Mk2 – (RESULTS)

2017 Sam Davies / Martin Lasper – Vauxhall Nova – (RESULTS)

2018 Sam Davies / Martin Lasper – Vauxhall Nova – (RESULTS)

2019 Wayne Lloyd / Will Lloyd – Ford Escort Mk2- (RESULTS)


2013 & 2014 winner Damian Cole