Marshals Needed

The first request for Marshals in 2020 is for the BTRDA Sporting Trials Gold Star Final Event. This is being held on SATURDAY 18TH JANUARY at a hilly/wooded/bracken covered field at Lower House Farm, Huntington, Kington, HR5 3PU. If you haven’t marshalled on a Sporting Trial before, there are no clocks/timing involved, no great speed – you just need to make sure cars complete a specified hill section and whether they pass numbered markers correctly. Quite a lot of skill on the drivers behalf to read and negotiate the slippy terrain (ably assisted by their passengers of course!) – it can be pretty entertaining and the competitors are a great bunch! The event starts at 10am so will need to arrive by 9.00am and will probably finish by 3.30pm(ish).

Either text or ring me on 07790 046271 or email:

Sue Underwood