FOXLEY AUTOTESTS 9.4.17 – report and results


Report and results

Many thanks to all the Competitors for entering our event and we hope you enjoyed the challenge!Chris Chapman

Another big thank you to the team who helped clean-and-set-up on Friday/Saturday

Then our appreciation goes to the band of Marshals on Sunday for their invaluable support – we managed to cover all Test Sites and everyone did a great job!  The Results Team kept the score sheets up-to-date and double-checked.  Also our gratitude extends to all other Officials for performing their duties so well.

In particular, Herefordshire Motor Club are grateful to Major David Davenport and his son, James, for their assistance with the organisation and for allowing us to hold our event in such unique surroundings.  Thank you to everyone for respecting the venue and leaving it in a tidy manner.


Foxley Resultsbook 2017

Many congratulations to Christopher Chapman on a tight win after a great battle all day, the top separated by less than 4 seconds after 15 tests.

He didn’t have it all his own way with Malcolm Livingston joint leading with Chapman after the first loop of tests.  David Evans then took the lead on loop 2 followed by less than a second.  Chapman retook the lead after loop 3 only for Richard Pinkney to lead after loop 4.  A penalty on the final loop pushed Pinkney to 2nd and allowed Chapman to take a great win!