12 Car Road Rally

Novice 12 car Rally – 14th March 201710551477_10152525130958830_5519407553001335966_o

The event is aimed towards the novice competitor, but anyone can enter.

The route is 62 miles on Map 149 (I’ve plotted it on B2(2011) – it also works (bar one small adjustment which will be provided) on Edition B(1999) hence all B issues will be fine). I’ve plenty of maps if you need to borrow one, just ask.

We can get an exemption from PR’ing the route, from the MSA, as long as we comply with certain restrictions.
Everyone has to be finished by 10pm, So with this in mind the first car will start at 7pm. (and hence signing on will be by 6.30pm)
NO rally cars, NO spot lights, NO noisy exhausts. We really do have to keep this to standard(ish) cars which are not going to attract attention. Remember unlike a scatter the cars are following a fixed route at regular minute intervals so residents get pissed off very quickly. I have to be very strict here, as if we get complaints we will not be allowed to do this again.

With this in mind the route will take place on yellow class roads or better. We will use one very short white (its fully tarmaced and better than most yellows). Other than that, no tracks and no long way round triangles.

The format is plot and bash. You will receive the navigation for every section at the start of the event. This will be in sealed envelopes. The marshal at the time control will check your envelope has not been opened early!

The navigation is cryptic, but as this is designed for novices it won’t be impossible. Yes, there will be the odd trick, as I need to try and get a result, but the idea will be straightforward.

Section 1 : Will be spot heights either with approach or departure compass points (e.g N 177 or 177 S)
Section 2 : Will be a herringbone
Section 3 : Will be ‘Coloured Road Junctions’ e.g. YYY YBB
Section 4 : Will be “Cross the following grid lines in order …”
Section 5 : Will be more spot height departures (see 1 above)
Section 6 : Will be a herringbone and six figure grid references

Help and ‘last years’ navigation will be available in the lead up to the event, so you can practice.

The navigation will define the correct route to follow to the next time control. We will place some codeboards along the route to ensure you have followed the correct path. (these will be reflective parts of number plates on posts). So unlike a scatter where you know the location of the clue points, these codeboards will sneak up on you. But they won’t be hidden and should be obvious as you drive by.

Also unlike a scatter, the route requires you to maintain an average speed (30mph). Its for these reasons that competitors have to take out the additional third party insurance. We have a scheme in place for this, the cost is £15 for the event, assuming your driving record isn’t too bad.

We don’t mind experts entering, but there will only be one type of navigation, so you may find it too easy (it should be easily cleanable for an expert). Last year I feel we got it right the fastest cars having to wait their time at controls, while everyone made the whole route without going OTL. So this year I hope we’ve managed to do the same …

Novice 12 car regs & entry 14.3.17

Novice 12 car results 14.3.17

For more details contact James Griffiths 07966790983 or email: hatsford@gmail.com

As with all HMC events this open to members of HMC and members of invited clubs, HMC membership is available on the day for £15 for the year.